Have you ever looked at a painting and thought
"I wish I could paint like that".    
With decades of painting and teaching experience, renown artist Paul Borg can teach you the skills to become a master painter yourself.

Photograph courtesy of Star Weekly

Learn to Paint and Draw

How many times have you said to yourself - “I’ve always wanted to do art but I couldn’t“.  Well here’s that chance.  You don’t have to have a folio to apply just the passion. You will be taught the basic skills in Drawing and Painting while learning through demonstration on how to use all mediums effectively while employing classical and contemporary skills.

This grounding will help build confidence in making art. Also ideal for those who want to build a folio for entrance to further art education and for Secondary school students who need to build skills. This class is also ideal for art teachers who need to brush up on skills to take back to their classroom. This class goes into depth on how mediums can be exploited to create strong art.


For those who already have a foundation in art and artistic skills, Paul's classes provide a supportive atmosphere where you can further those skills while receiving constructive guidance and input.

Working with Children

Paul is a certified teacher and holds the necessary Working With Children permits and accreditations.

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